We are known for manufacturing Amoxycillin + Clavulanic Acid Combination along with Cephalosporins and other general products. We are among the top 5 companies who can manufacture "THE STABLE AMOXYCILLIN CLAVULANIC ACID FORMULATIONS".

Drugs & Formulations - Pharmaceutical antibiotic dosages, Amoxicillin Drugs and Clavulanic acid supplierAssociated Biotech Group and Medicef Pharma possess a valid WHO-GMP certification of the plant for manufacturing of Tablets, Capsules and Oral Suspension for Beta lactum, Non-Beta lactum and Cephalosporin Group.

Associated Biotech Group comprised of a hi-tech and huge capacity of manufacturing unit based in Baddi (HP) INDIA. with advanced infrastructure facilities including Transformer-power-station, water storage and treatment facility with total close loop system, requisite constructed plant and machineries, air-handling-units, effluent treatment plant, etc. The unit has qualified, competent, experienced and trained personnel to handle the production of antibiotic dosage in India.

We manufacture using properly designed, installed, validated and maintained equipments under supervision of qualified personnel. These are operated and cleaned as per SOPs.

The unit has more than 700 employees.

All units installed for manufacturing are as per Good Manufacturing Practice and revised schedule-M. Sufficient space as per cGMP has been provided for the storage of raw materials and packing materials, manufacturing, testing, in process controls, etc.

Adequate measures have  been  taken  to ensure  the  quality  of  the products such  as process and  utility  validations,  proper sanitation,  proper  maintenance  of  equipments. All  activities  are  performed  by  trained and skilled  personnel  under  supervision of competent  personnel and necessary records  are  maintained.

Stability studies are carried out as per WHO guidelines. In the plant, cGMP norms are followed. Measures are taken to prevent cross contamination.

Product Licensed to Manufacture - Cephalosporian / Beta lactum & Non-Beta lactum

 Sustained Release, Uncoated, Chewable, Film Coated, Tablets
 Oral Suspension
 Ready to compress Granules for tablets
 Ready to fill Powder for Oral suspension and Capsules