When great minds get together, they inspire each other. Our collaborative culture proves it. By working in a better way – sharing ideas, voicing opinions, giving feedback and lending support – we get better results.

You may leave a positive impact on the world through health related support by being a part of us. Whether you are an experienced job seeker or fresher to the field, we offer you better career opportunities in many areas of our business.

Prakash Karamchandani

The​ ​Science of finding focus Companies are struggling to engage modern 21st century workforce. We are A fast growing Pharmaceutical group of companies giving stable platform to the employees to work in todays’s difficult situation. ​We believe that the workforce of today wants more. They want something different. They are demanding, they want meaningful work and they expect their employer to make work more rewarding.
At Associated Biotech Group ​we ​get the work life balance in many way’s
1. Credibility
2. Respect
3. Fairness
4. Pride
5. Camaraderie.
​are few of those.



  • I am proud to be ​the​ part of such a dedicated and ​smart ​working environment of my company, where I have​ been​ work​ing since last 4 years​.
  • I have received many compliments and words of praise from our ​Precious Business partners and delighted to have such a valuable work.
  • I​ ​earnestly express gratitude towards my company ​for my professional growth.


Avneet Rana

  • ​Relish​ the work I do and it fits well with ​what I really want to do​.
  • People here in Associated Biotech Group are self Motivated as the Work culture is such.
  • It is really a fun to work with this Organization.


Vijay Kumar

I feel blissful with my Job profile, colleagues. I believe this is the result of many variables like pleasant work culture, appurtenant colleagues, caring & composed founders. The group provides opportunities for the individual to grow within his or her job and personally. What I really appreciate, working at Associated Biotech Group​ is like being with family; it doesn't ever feel like ‘work’. We all strive for excellence in our personal capacity, as a company and when working with our clients. “Working at Associated Biotech Group is a great pleasure for me".


Vichitra Chouhan

I love to be here every day, where, I am getting best energetic working environment to achieve my dream with a dream of my company. I have been here from 2012 & every day I feel like coming home in the morning, since the Work culture is like that. I always get best support from our management & seniors with best tool to achieve what they want from me… Yes many prospects are taken but if you are creative & willing to put in some additional efforts then there is an open floor to sit with the management & get best support to show your creativity & find every day a growth step.
If you are such a motivated person and want grow as a book of business with this great company – this is place to do it, just roll your sleeves & give your 100% to achieve your dreams. Can’t express my all feeling in words. It’s just awesome place.. 
Rohit Gupta

Being an employee at Associate Biotech Group we never feel away from our home, working in such a enthusiastic environment is a life time experience where we learn a lot while working.

In other words I will not hesitate to call Associated Biotech Group as a leaning institute rather than a fastest growing pharmaceutical industry.