Chairman Message
As A Chairman and Managing Director of this great Organization, I am proud to say that our team loves what we do and it reflects in our ​range of ​products.

Today Associated Biotech Group is one of India's fastest growing pharmaceutical Manufacturing companies with products internationally acclaimed for the premium Quality.

At Associated Biotech Group, we have achieved this, in just few years of our inception, in the year 2006. We strive hard on a day to bay basis to improve and touch people's lives around the world. We have laid some very stringent quality norms for our Manufacturing team, so as to offer the Superior quality Pharmaceutical products. At Associated Biotech Group we are also working on multiple Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropic projects to ensure access to medicines in the farthest parts of the globe.

The year 2006​,​ when we started as a miniature with ​the ​very few people on Board, now we are a workforce of More than 700 people and growing at a very Rapid pace. Our accomplishment is based on an amalgamation of the team's zeal for becoming a force to reckon with in the healthcare Industry. We believe in meaningful and impactful Business partnership with the global leaders in this segment.

I feel pride in Mentioning that our people have crafted Associated Biotech Group in a very unique manner. Everything we aspire to as an Organization relies on the hard work, commitment and engagement of our people. Adapting to the future will need the best talent and we regard this as another enabler of our business strategy. We want to inspire, engage and develop tomorrow'​s​ leaders. Our people represent some of the very outstanding and creative Brains within the healthcare service providing industry. We have developed a distinctive culture which is purely based on equality and nurturing talent. We ensure that everyone's voice should be heard regardless of title and position. This custom pooled with our Strong workforce along with the premium Products, is what makes us Distinct and one of the fastest growing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Organization.

I will once again would like to mention that I am continually amazed and awed by our high quality people and the incomparable value they bring to form our team. Last but not list I am happy to share that we have learn a lot from our business partners and because of that we could touch the Heights otherwise this was not possible without their valuable regular feedbacks. On behalf of Associated Biotech Group and Medicef Pharma, I invite you to review our website and learn more about all we have to offer. I am sure you‘ll see why we love what we do and it shows!

- Vijay Aggarwal
Chairman and Managing Director